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Created May 2, 2021

A couple of days ago, we hit 300 users in total registered since I introduced UnoSSL 2.0. You can read about it here. That number is amazing to me & makes me happy every time I stare at it.

Okay okay, let's get to the reason for this post. Simple, there are new features & changes!

Please also note that UnoSSL is a free service with no hidden costs. There is currently no way we make money from it with which to pay off the hosting. If you like UnoSSL, please donate a few dollars here.

🖥️ Refreshed Dashboard Design

Refreshed Dashboard Design We've redesigned the navigation a bit on our Dashboard! It's much simpler to use & feels just nice overall! We are open to improvement suggestions, therefore join us on discord here.

✒️ UnoSSL Blog now open

UnoSSL Blog now open! Our Blog is now open! More articles coming up soon. Today you can read about the UnoSSL 2.0 & here is the more detailed list of what changed!

🛡 Two-factor authentication

Secure your account with 2FA We care about your protection. You can now secure your account with Two Factor Authentication! But how? Just click on this link & navigate to the "2-Factor Authorization" section. Then just link your account with a 2FA App.

🔓️ Logged devices

See where & what device is logged in your UnoSSL Account Now you have an overview of what, where & when your UnoSSL Account has been accessed! In the near future, you will be able to take action about any unusual logged devices. For now, if you do see them, please immediately change your password out here.

PS: We are also planning to open a Messenger bot to help you get through any errors you might come across while generating an SSL Certificate.

So this is the end of the update & changes. Hope you like what we did in this update! Stay tuned for more soon!

UnoSSL Team

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