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🎉 Introducing UnoSSL 2.0

Created February 20, 2021

So as you might know or not, we have been working on a brand new version of UnoSSL for the last couple of months.

It has been an amazing time seeing people getting to know about UnoSSL & securing their projects with HTTPS.

We launched UnoSSL four months ago, back in November 2020.

I never thought that people would start using it, even though the design wasn't that trustworthy.

Today, I'm happy to announce UnoSSL 2.0. Brand new design & features!

📰 New logo

UnoSSL new Logo

Our logo changed! We thought we should make a newer version of our current logo that would come with the UnoSSL 2.0. There are three styles of it: Black, White, Color. Only those three are our logos. If you see someone redistributing it, let us know

🖖 Separated Dashboard

UnoSSL Dashboard now separated from the Landing Page So, the main key change in UnoSSL 2.0 is the separated dashboard. We wanted to make it more secure & clean for you. The Dashboard is now available under Also as you might see in the above picture the whole Dashboard has been redesigned. Our team has focused on making the layout easier for you to use. You now see expiring soon certificates in a timeline under the name "Expiring soon".

🖥️ Brand new Homepage

Brand new Landing Page design for UnoSSL Our previous Homepage was fundamental, and people didn't found it trustworthy, if I would be the user, would find it suspicious myself. That's why we had to do something about it. We transformed it into a clean, colorful Homepage. Now you can also see where you can get in touch with us!

✒️ UnoSSL Blog

We are opening UnoSSL Blog! We decided to create our own Blog, to write articles that will help you fix any errors that can appear while for example configuring your server with HTTPS. Here is the first article we write for our Blog!

PLEASE NOTE: Accounts that were created on the old UnoSSL haven't been transferred to UnoSSL 2.0 but still accessible under, the old version is going to be available for the next three months only, therefore please create a new one here.

So this is the end of the UnoSSL 2.0 news. We think you will like what we did!

UnoSSL Team

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